Howzit Everyone!

So you’re sitting there surfing the net instead of being out on your board and you cannot figure out how you never found this awesome website before now. Well don’t stress because you’re right this is a brand spanking new website for Learn to Surf Plett…but not a new company!

We are in fact the very same guys from Jamin Surf School and the Garden Route Surf Academy. Same people, same kiff surfing skills, same incredible surf location! We just have a fancy new name and a wicked brand to go with it.

Why not favourite our page and subscribe to our blog for daily and weekly surf reports as well as some cool info about great surf spots in and around Plett. We’re tight with some of the best surf gear shops around town so we’ll hook you up with whatever you need. Check out:!

You can also follow us on Facebook for up to date pics from our lessons and cool Surf stuff from around the world!

See you around!

Learn to Surf surfer



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